Creating a sensory themed rooftop garden for Signature Pembroke House

27 November 2021

Creating a sensory themed rooftop garden for Signature Pembroke House in Surrey.


Wildflower Turfing

29 July 2021

Back at the start of the year a local school approached us to about planting a wildflower area.


Good Mental Health

22 April 2021

There are lots of ways in which spending time with nature can be positive for our mental health and wellbeing...


UGM Tree Aid Donation

20 September 2020

Thanks to all our new clients this summer we have just donated 9 trees to Tree Aid


Tree Aid

03 November 2019

For every new client we take on UGM will donate a tree to Tree Aid.


UGM Works On Chelsea Show Gardens

13 October 2019

What a great year of gardening experience for UGM, I had the privilege of working on two Chelsea show gardens on main Avenue at The Chelsea flower show 2019.


Tree correcting and anchoring

15 September 2019

If you need help with planting and staking new trees or have an existing tree that needs correcting.


Trend setting flower shows

22 June 2019

Trend setting flower shows such as Chelsea showcase new plants and inspirational gardening ideas.


Summer Bedding Displays For Your Beds and Borders

01 April 2019

If you fancy bringing your beds and borders to life ready for those sunny day celebrations, then please contact us for some instant colour in your garden.


Introducing Blossom in Spring

01 March 2019

Blossom is a very welcome sight come spring time, with the promise of parks and gardens in full bloom and lighter, longer days to look forward to.


Sunningdale New Build Garden

15 March 2014

A new property built on a 240sqm plot, we were asked to provide screening around the perimeter preferably with small trees, we went for a mixture of different coloured foliage for interest and block planting in the required borders. We chose a mixture of topiary, herbaceous and small shrubs, this created different interests and heights throughout the seasons.