UGM Tree Aid Donation

20 September 2020

It has been a great start to the month, thanks to all our new clients this summer we have just donated 9 trees to Tree Aid, all of which give help and opportunities to the villages in Ghana, Mali and many more.

It has been a very busy summer with many of our clients wanting to enjoy their gardens whilst spending a lot of time safely at home. With UGM being able to social distance from our clients we have been able to really showcase what a difference we can make to the upkeep of our gardens, and in return gain more garden interest from our clients which has been so pleasant to interact from a safe distance!

We are so pleased we have been able to donate 9 different types of trees such as Ethiopian apple which provide delicious, nutritious fruit and offer a valuable source of income particularly when other crops fail. The Balanites tree is sought after for its anti-viral properties, and its roots can be used to make medicine that treats snake bites. Moringas tiny leaves are rich in vitamins, protein, iron and calcium. So many amazing trees with incredible benefits!

Thank you to all our new clients and we look forward to supporting other charities in the future.