Chipstead Garden Maintenance

Clipped Buxus As every plant lover will know, the garden is a place where you and your family can relax, unwind and enjoy yourselves. It can reduce stress levels and improve your quality of life. Many of our Chipstead clients can agree if the garden is kept in good shape by regular maintenance, it can be a very enjoyable extension of your home and potentially add value to your property as a whole. Chipstead is connected by a network of narrow roads and set in a beautiful rural environment. Our Chipstead client base ranges from communal areas of a converted barn to a farmhouse surrounded by acres of land. We use a wide range of skills to bring the best out of our Chipstead gardens, these include…

Rose Care

To achieve the best results from your roses continuously, a series of tasks need to take place.

  1. Correct Pruning
  2. Organic Fertilizing
  3. Regular Aphid removal.
  4. Regular black spot protection.

Managing climbers

In Chipstead we maintain many different types of climbers, Wisteria is one variety which is very popular. Wisteria is known as the king of climbers, producing amazing blooms in the form of brunel of grapes. Correct pruning is a factor, which ensures this happens also age, positioning and fertilizing are also important.

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