Tree correcting and anchoring

15 September 2019

There are many situations that can cause a tree to lean, trees typically start leaning due to a high wind event, sometimes combined with heavy rains and wet soil.

Young, newly planted trees are most vulnerable. While a slight tilt may not endanger the tree, a leaning tree is less attractive and more prone to fall than an upright one.

Guy fixing kits are available in a range of sizes to suit most high quality tree transplants up to 20 meters high. These kits are fast and easy to install, offer effective support for trees in highly exposed areas and for trees which require correction against leaning.

When planting new trees it is essential to secure them correctly. Wind and movement can damage tree roots which can slow down establishment and even result in tree losses. Any tree staking system will need to be in situ for a few years, to ensure the newly planted trees have anchored themselves firmly into the ground.

By securing the rootball underground Platipus systems allow for quick root development resulting in very low mortality rates for newly planted trees.

A comprehensive range of kits and installation tools are available to provide above and below ground anchoring for standard and semi-mature tree transplants up to 20m high.

These systems are specifically designed to provide security and stability to the transplanted tree for three to five years whilst the roots establish themselves. Thereafter key elements of the system will degrade to allow unrestricted root growth and the remaining parts may be recycled.

If you need any help with planting and staking new trees or have an existing tree that needs correcting, please contact us and we will be able to advise and put a plan into action.