Tree Aid

03 November 2019

For every new client we take on UGM will donate a tree to Tree Aid, this is a little bit about the great work Tree Aid does.

Tree Aid work to create thriving, sustainable communities throughout the drylands of Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali and Niger and the isolated areas of Ethiopia.

Tree Aid helps communities to plant and protect trees to grow their way out of poverty and protect their environment, for now and for future generations.

The trees they grow help to create more stable local environments. This reduces the risk of flooding and drought and breaks the cycle of poverty and hunger.

The local teams work in partnership with rural communities to plant and protect trees. They share tools and skills training to help people grow themselves out of poverty.

When you live below the poverty line, basics like health care and education are out of reach. Tree Aid help people use tree products to make the money they urgently need. Tree Aid provides business skills training, improve production and create opportunities for people to work together.
Tree Aid

By signing up to UGM you can help break the cycle of poverty to communities in drylands of Africa, we will donate a tree for every new garden we manage.

Complete our enquiry form and if you sign up to UGM we will happily donate a tree to Tree Aid.