Wildflower Turfing

29 July 2021

Back at the start of the year a local school approached us to ask if we could help with a currently gravelled courtyard which they wanted changed into a wildflower area.

After taking a few measurements we contacted a lot of wildflower turf companies but the supplies were either out of stock or extremely expensive.

In the meantime we removed all the shingle and membrane, exposing very compacted earth, therefore we had to dig this over by hand and rake many times to get a fine soil for the turf to be laid on.

Finally after months of searching we found the company - Wild Flower Lawns and Meadows, Colin Reader the owner was extremely helpful and had stock ready for cutting the following week.

Wildflower Turfing Progress

Now it was the beginning of June and with its mixed bag of weather, the ground was ready, the turf turned up and we laid within good time, as professionals know, with a new lawn the time is spent in the preparation as the laying of the turf is pretty easy and straightforward.

As the last couple of sections were laid the heavens opened and the turf was watered overnight.

Advice given by Colin was to water turf every couple days for the next couple weeks if no sufficient rainfall happens, luckily the rest of June was more like April with showers every couple of days.

As you can see from the photos the new turf is doing really well, the school cannot wait to see the wildflowers and welcome all the insects into their new environmentally friendly area.

Wildflower Turfing