Introducing Blossom in Spring

01 March 2019

Blossom is a very welcome sight come spring time, with the promise of parks and gardens in full bloom and lighter, longer days to look forward to, its time to shake off those winter blues.

There are different ways to add blossom to your garden depending on its size from small ornamental crab apple tress to planting large magnolias. Think about what kind of blossom you like, small deep pink blossom such as the hawthorn also has benefits for the wildlife where as the Amelanchier lamarckii also offers vibrant autumn red foliage.

Different types of blossom to add to your garden depending on its size:

Camellia japonica — keep well watered throughout the summer, this is when the plants produce next years flower buds.

Fritillaria meleagris — delicate snake head like flowers, handle fragile bulbs carefully and plants at four times its own depth.

Ribes sanguineum — pretty pink flower in spring, can be used as a useful informal hedge.

Forsythia x intermedia — short tubular yellow flowers borne profusely before the leaves in spring.

Prunus incisa kojo-no-mai — maximum of 2.5 meters tall with zig zag branches bearing lace shaped leaves after the single white or pale pink blossom in early spring.

Convallaria majalis - Lily of the valley can be planted in heavy or light, acidic or alkaline soil, this plant does not seem to mind, each delicate arching stem carries a flurry of snow-white, bell shaped blooms with a beautiful fragrance.

Spring is when the garden starts to wake up, if you want to inject some colour into yours contact us and we will be able to brighten up your garden whatever the weather.