Creating a sensory themed rooftop garden for Signature Pembroke House

27 November 2021

The nights are drawing in, the autumn leaves are falling and Christmas is on the horizon but back in sunny spring when Signature Pembroke House in Camberley Surrey asked to brighten up their flower beds, UGM management & teams rose to the challenge.

Logistically challenging with a 4th floor rooftop, all plants, soil and tools were taken in and up via lift & stairs.

Keeping the amazing colourful hallways & corridors clean from muddy gardeners boots was important to us.

Perennials & shrubs such as Dahlias, Osteospermum, Hydrangeas, Roses, Verbena, Salvias, Pittosporum and various climbers were amongst the hundreds of plants that ascended the building to their new home in raised beds of the East and West wings plus rooftop areas.

Keeping with the Signature sensory theme we added fragrant herbs to individual raised beds, such as Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Mint and Sage.

Signature sensory theme, rooftop garden

From ground floor delivery to roots in soil took over two days and the weather was on our side which helped in keeping the corridors of Pembroke House in good order. The request for ‘wow and colour’ was well and truly delivered. We covered every inch of the beds with every colour of the rainbow and more in order to enhance the viewing pleasure for staff, residents and visitors.

A few weeks later the Underwood Irrigation division laid over 150 meters of pipe and installed numerous pop up sprinklers to ensure that the new plants and existing ground floor areas continued flowering throughout the hot summer months.

The garden maintenance teams followed on week after week not just to mow the grass but to keep the newly planted areas in prime condition. One or should we say many many unforeseen and unwelcome guests to our flower beds were evicted on a weekly basis… slugs-the slimy cheek of it!

We are very proud and so pleased to have delivered this unique project in a unique environment for Signature Pembroke House and look forward to completing many more in other homes.