Sunningdale New Build Garden

15 March 2014

A new property built on a 240sqm plot, we were asked to provide screening around the perimeter preferably with small trees, we went for a mixture of different coloured foliage for interest and block planting in the required borders. We chose a mixture of topiary, herbaceous and small shrubs, this created different interests and heights throughout the seasons. After that an assortment of climbers where attached to the remaining fences and the turf was laid.

Plants we used to create the planting display at the Sunningdale garden

  • Lavender - nice fragrant foliage and long lasting flowers, great for the bees.
  • Euonymus - lovely variegated foliage.
  • Buxus balls - great low structure for the garden.
  • Acers - we chose small ornamental varieties to give brilliant autumn colour.
  • Japanese anemones - great value for money late flowering herbaceous plants.
  • Pittosporum - lovely thin black stems with light green foliage, good height in this garden.
  • Convolvulus - low plant with beautiful silver foliage and white flowers.
  • Hebe - we used a mix of variegated, green and purple leaf, always hold their shape well.
  • Pieris - interesting mix of foliage colour early on in the growing season.
  • Sedum - great for flowering up until the autumn.
  • Cotinus - lovely growing habit with smoke like flowers.
  • Nandina - more popular in the autumn/winter for its foliage colour.
  • Hibiscus - popular flowers with the insects.
  • Cornus - brilliant red stems for the winter.