Why an irrigation solution?

With Global Warming summers are now becoming more hotter and drier than ever - if we are to keep up with this then we must help our gardens by giving them the extra water that they will surely need.

Installing an irrigation system is the best solution to these increasing temperature rises and although there is an initial cost, once installed the system will water your garden daily, at minimal cost and with virtually no effort at all!

Also, if you have a tank & pump system then you can add liquid feed to the tank, allowing the irrigation system to fertilise the garden at the same time as watering it. All while you are in bed!

Irrigation Solutions Why?

Save time and money

The use of Dripline is considered the most effective way of garden watering - it is a slow-release form of irrigation, typically taking an hour to water each shrub or tree - drip irrigation allows the water to seep down to the roots without any run-off and with virtually no evaporation of any of the water. Compare this to the indiscriminate watering coming from a hose or garden sprinkler which is very wasteful of water and aids in the growth of weeds as much as shrubs and plants!

Whether you are looking to be more efficient with watering your garden or maximise protecting an investment in new planing an irrigation system is the answer. We offer free irrigation quotes which start with a visit to your home or business. Then design all our systems based on the water needs of the plants, sun exposure and water supply. So when your away from your property you can rest assured your garden is being looked after.

Irrigation Service Price

Our irrigation installation service consists of 5 stages


Site Visit

This is for us to survey your garden and understand what your garden needs in terms of watering as well as your own individual preferences.



Based upon our Site visit we will prepare a no-obligation quote for you. If you accept the quote then we will schedule the installation in at a time convenient for you



The first day will be spent marking out areas to be trenched, watering points, etc, and meeting the team. We treat your property with the utmost respect. We will use a a turf cutter & trencher for any pipework to be laid in the lawn so that turf goes back as perfectly as it came out. By the end of the installation you will hardly know that we’ve been there.


Running the system

At the end of the installation we will demonstrate the system and show you how to use the Controller in order to make adjustments to the system throughout the year, if required..



As with any system, some repairs may need to be done (an animal chewing through a pipe or gardener putting a fork through some drip line, etc) but all repairs are done free during the first season and the entire system comes with a 2-year warranty. We also offer a Maintenance package that involves draining down the system before the damaging frosts come (winterisation) and then a start-up in spring when everything is tested and re-calibrated ready for the summer.

Underwoods irrigation service has been fantastic, Scotts team have always been very reliable over the years and have looked after our system from start to finish, our garden is looking fantastic! I would recommend everyone who wants a stunning garden to have an irrigation system installed by these guys, such a great investment that definitely pays off.

Victor in Wentworth

Why Choose UGM?

Watch your garden flourish with an irrigation system designed and installed by our professional team. We pride ourselves in installing advanced, but easy to use irrigation controllers, so you can tailor your watering times to your garden requirements. We also offer smart watering systems that can be adjusted anywhere you have a device with internet access.

All staff are uniformed, DBS checked and trained in all manner of gardening and we are members of Safe Contractor which shows the importance of health and safety in our working conditions.

We offer a comprehensive range of materials and source them from leading manufacturers enabling us to offer high quality and reliable irrigation solutions.

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Irrigation Installation


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